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  • SONY high resolution (≥480, 000 pixels), high definition color digital CCD camera
  • 22 times optic focus adjustment, 10 times digital focus adjustment, and 128 times of clear image magnification
  • Display on Double screens for more convenient view
  • Lifting by rocker for easy operation
  • DSP dynamic digital automatic focusing, automatic white balance, color digital recovery
  • Multi spot circling LED cold light source of high brightness and no shadow, brightness continuously adjustable, and luminance more than 1400Lux
  • Real time dynamic image processing functions: zoom in/out, frozen, acquisition, video playback, automatic focusing, save, as well as other image processing
  • Unique dynamic filter function highlights disease focus and improves accuracy of diagnosis
  • Automatic measurement of focus circumference/ area with text annotation
  • Images saved in JPEG or BMP format for convenient further usage and DICOM format transformation is supported
  • Multiple report format and customer defined report format available,
  • Multiple software interface and customer-defined interface available
  • User edited multi-item parameters such as patient information
  • Advanced computer configuration
  • Photo grade HP color jet printer insures exquisite report sheet with both text and pictures
  • Exquisite trolley with universal wheels, easy to move
  • System configuration:
  • Digital vaginoscope lens
  • Lifting bracket by rocker
  • Advanced computer configuration
  • 8’color LCD monitor with high resolution
  • 17’ color LCD monitor with high resolution
  • Color jet printer
  • Nice-looking trolley
  • High quality, reliable performance
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