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The digital storage oscilloscopes of Protek 5000 series are six models; 5020, 5071, 5100, 5200, 5202 and 5302 which operates at 25, 70, 100, 200 and 300MHz bandwidth with different real-time sampling rate respectively.

Auto measurement, FFT split screen functions, and useful PC interfaces with 7 inch clear LCD display provide a variety of convenient options with great value to users in every application.

  • Bandwidth (25MHz ~ 300MHz / 2 Channels)

  • Real-Time Sampling Rate (500MSa/s and 1GSa/s)

  • Equivalent-Time Sampling Rate (250GSa/s)

  • 7 inch TFT Color LCD Display

  • Record Length up to 1M

  • Dual Window Mode (Full Screen)

  • USB Interface


  1 Specifications
Bandwidth   200MHz
Channels   2CH+1EXT
Real-Time Sampling Rate   500M Sa/s(single channel)
250M Sa/s(double channel)
Equlvalent-Time Sampling Rate   50G Sa/s
  2 Horlzontal
Range   2.5ns/dlv - 50ns/dlv
Scan   100ms-50s/dlv
Step   1-2,5-5 Order
Mode   Main, Window Zoom, Scan, X-Y
Bandwidth Limit   20MHz(-3dB)(Except Protek 5020)
  3 Vertical
Rise Time   <1.8ns
Maximum Input   ±400V (DC+AC pk-pk) CAT l CAT ll
Input Impedance   1MΩ ll17pF
Polarlty   Normal / Invert
Probe   1X/5X/10X/50X/100X/500X/1000X
  4 Trigger
Source   CH1,CH2,EXT,EXT/5, AC Line
Trigger Sensitivity   ±(0.2dlvxV/dlv)(widthin±4dlvsions from center of screen)EXT:±(6% of setting+40mv)EXT/5:±(6% of setting+200mv)
Mode   Auto, Normal, Single
Type   Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative
  5 Other
Voltage Measurement   VPP, Vmax, Vmin, Vamp, Vtop, Vbase, Vavg, Mean, Vrms, Crms, FOV, FPRE, ROV, RPRE
Time Measurement   Perlod, Freq, +Wid, -Wid, Rise time, Fall time, BWid, +Dut, -Dut
Cursors Measurement   Manual mode, Track mode, Auto mode
Waveform Signal Process   CH1+/-CH2, CH1*CH2, CH1/CH2, FFT
Interface   Classical, Morden, Traditional, Succinct
Display   7inches(178mm) color TFT(480x234) LCD
Display Resolution   480 horizontal by 234 vertical pixels
Power Source   AC 100-240V, 45Hz-440Hz, 50VA Max
Dimension / Weight   323.1 x 135.1 x 157 mm (LxWxH)
Memory Depth   32Kpts(single channel), 16Kpts(double channel)
Vertical Senstivity   2mv-10v/dlv(1-2-5 order)
Vertical Resolution   8bit
Coupling   AC, DC, LF rej, HF rej
Range   CH1,CH2:±6divisions from center of screen EXT:±1.2V EXT/5:±6V
Math Operation   +, -, *, /, FFT
Digital Filter   High-Pass, Low-Pass, Band-Pass, Band-Stop
Internal Storage   2 groups of reference waveform, 20 groups of setting, 20 groups of wave forms
External Storage   Bitmap save, CSV save, Waveform save, Setting save
Lasting   off, 1s, 2s, 5s, Infinite
Languge   English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Arabic
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