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Network: PartNo:

CANopen Slave:                   AB9004

CC-Link Slave :                     AB9009

ControlNet Adapter              AB9003

DeviceNet Adapter               AB9002

EtherCAT Slave                    AB9000

EtherNet/IP Adapter             AB9006

Modbus RTU Slave              AB9005

Modbus-TCP Server            AB9008

PROFIBUS Slave                 AB9001

PROFINET-IO Device          AB9007

Accessories: PartNo:

SD memory card                    021530

Industrial grade

Wall Mount Option                  021520

for increased vibration protection


Modbus TCP Master/Client functionality 
On the Modbus-TCP down link side the Anybus X-gateway supports a maximum data size of 256 byte input and 256 byte output, including Control and Status words. The X-gateway can manage up to 64 Modbus servers, and up to 64 different input/output transactions can be configured and visualized in the mapping overview of the configuration web pages. Via the live list, every transaction can be closely monitored by the PLC to minimize down time.


Fieldbus/Ethernet Slave functionality
On the Fieldbus/Ethernet uplink side the X-gateway appears as a standard I/O module and is configured using a standard device description file (GSD/EDS) with the PLC engineering tool.

Easy visual web-based configuration - No programming required
Configuration is handled through a web interface which is accessed by simply connecting the gateway to a computer via a regular Ethernet cable. No programming skills are required which means that the network and its devices will be up and running in no time.

Dual port Ethernet switch technology
On the Modbus TCPside, the x-gateway is equipped with an integrated 2-port switch on the Ethernet side, enabling Ethernet installations in bus or line topology without the need for external switches. As a result, system integrators can benefit from significantly reduced installation and maintenance costs.

    Connects Modbus-TCP slave devices to 9 other Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks
    Allows for the integration of PLC systems with Modbus-TCP into other PLC systems and networks
    Provides a fast transfer of I/O data between between networks, typically no more than 5 ms delay
    Provides Modbus-TCP Client (Master) functionality to the (downlink) Modbus-TCP network
    Acts as a Fieldbus/Ethernet Slave on the control (uplink) network
    Integrated 2-port switch on Ethernet versions allows for infrastructure cost reduction savings
    Easy web based network configuration gets you up and running fast. No programming required!
    SD memory card slot allows for backup, configuration and for easy module replacement
    Live list to inform the uplink PLC the status of connected Modbus-TCP server devices
    CE, RoHS, ATEX ,UL HAZ.LOC certifications
    3 year product guarantee


Modbus TCP is often very popular within process automation, measurement and with sensor and actuators. It fits with all types of energy distribution and control applications including renewable energy.

Fieldbus migration
Typical applications are industrial applications on established fieldbus networks from Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff, ABB, Mitsubishi which require integration into an upgraded Ethernet Modbus TCP network.

Ethernet to Ethernet 
In addition to fieldbus migration, the X-gateway is also equally adept at inter-linking two modern similar or dissimilar Industrial Ethernet networks.
 The Master/Client capaiblity of the X-gateway enables substansial cost savings.

Application example: Profibus to Modbus TCP migration and EtherNet/IP to Modbus TCP 


Easy visual web-based configuration
Configuration is made via Ethernet and a built-in web page. The configuration page is used to configure Ethernet TCP/IP settings, Modbus-TCP client/server configuration and I/O data size transfer between Modbus-TCP and the chosen network.

The uplink fieldbus or Ethernet slave interface to the PLC is configured with a standard device description file (GSD/EDS) in the PLC engineering tool.

A configuration example video for the Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP Client/Master. In this example the uplink slave network is Profibus. The same pricinple can be applied to connect other supported slave networks of the X-gateway Modbus-TCP.


Fast data mapping
The Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP appears as a standard I/O module on the up-link network. It transmits I/O-data in both directions in a cyclical manner ensuring the fastest possible performance.

The Modbus-TCP side is configurable to send data cyclically or in a change-of-state manner. It basically forwards I/O data from one network to the other and vice versa as shown below. Status and Control words are available as well as a Live List telling the status of the Modbus-TCP downlink Modbus transactions.

Each of the two network interfaces exchanges data on its network through internal I/O buffers. The gateway forwards the data between these buffers as shown above. On the Modbus-TCP Client interface, the dedicated control word is used to start/stop the exchange of data, or to reset the gateway if needed. 

The master on the uplink network (e.g. Profibus) can see the status of the Modbus-TCP network in the corresponding status word. 


All new enhanced design for streamlined connectivity
The X-gateway Modbus TCP design meets the industrial demands for functionality, robustness, size, durability and most importantly ease of use. It offers many benefits for the user such as easier cable connection and backplane stacking possibilities.

Handy SD memory card slot saves time and know how
The design also includes an SD memory card slot for fast and easy backup, configuration and if necessary for an "easy module replacement" which saves crucial time and resources.



Max slaves:

MTCP Connector:
    2x RJ45

    10/100 Mbit/s

I/O data:
    256 bytes Input and 256 bytes Output

MTCP functions:


   110 x 35 x 101 mm (L x W x D) 4.33 x 1.38 x 3.98” (L x W x D )

Power Supply:
    24V (-15% to +20%) Consumption: Max 150 mA on 24V

    Operating -25°C to + 70°C

    DIN-rail, Network shield conductance (PE) via DIN-rail (Wall mount option available)

Protection Class:

    CE, RoHS, ATEX, UL, Haz.Loc.

    Uses certified Anybus network technology

    3 years

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